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Oh YES he was

He TUNED IN.. it may have started innocently.. but when he TUNED IN and decided to TURN ON the people he did not like what they were saying, he became conversation police.

Apology is an explaination, not an excuse. It's very important to understand what an apology is. When an apoplogy is employed as an excuse to do what we know is not right, it's a misuse of apology, for there isn't any shame.. it makes it a tool for bullying.

"I'm really sorry about this, but I need to beat you to a bloody pulp now. This is going to hurt me, more than it's going to hurt you... Really I am sorry, but I have to do this, I can't stop myself." <- hell of an apology, eh?

So what if it was 4 guys? It's still no reason to jump in. Call the manager if they are bothering you.

Know when Mr. Campus eavsedropping conversation policeman could have done? Written an article for the school's paper.

You know.. there are plenty of times people are talking and I hear what they are talking about (grocery store line, I have no choice), and I tune it out. Sometimes, I hear something from a tourist that is completely wrong.. "Oh let's go to such and such beach because we can bring muffin to play in the water." Yah, I could butt in.. "Excuse me, I overheard what you were saying, and you can't bring muffin to that beach, you might want to try these beaches instead". I'm sure they would be grateful. But maybe not.

Now maybe I feel this way growing up in the military.. where I was taught to mind my own business. But I still think minding your own business is the right thing.. there are other rememdies like writting a letter to the editor, or having an event. The only time to butt in is when there is a violent conversation, and then you get help.

I find the irony of this thing unreal.. what's next, NSA calling us up and telling us, "Excuse me, but I overheard your converation and let me tell you what I know about that issue..."