Comment: What will an EMBASSY do

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What will an EMBASSY do

What will an EMBASSY do against terrorist, if an armed group comes a'knocking, unless its a MILITARY outpost, in that case why call it an EMBASSY implying NEGOTIATIANS, if an EMBASSY to the people who LIVE there would probably see it as a MILITARY outpost, if what these guys are implying are true, that an "embasy" has the capability to surpress terrorism....and as all neocons would have everyone believe, thats not through TALK.

So if my thinking is near the ballpark, the locals dont see an embassy of diplomats, they'll not help but see a militerized foreign entity setting up shop in the neigbourhood...........its these little/big, details not limited, that are in my opinion surely lacking in the public sphere, 1.they dont talk about it 2.not enough people ask about it......almost like letting our assumptions fill in the detail, instead of confirming those the whole snowden saga has shown us, assuming and confirmation makes a BIG difference to the publics reaction and caring

Now im fully aware that i am making big assumptions here, i recognise them as such.....but from this interview, the things they say, and the way they say em, all i can think is either

unwittingly exposed themselves

All i know, this one feels strongly like it had an agenda.....the bastard of it is, is trying to figure it out, feels like theres more then one

I could also be jumping the gun a bit here, not the agenda bit, but my understanding of it....feeling a bit rushed for time