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What would have been interesting in your link

is if the quotes from the Talmad or Bible were included, but they are not. And thus, I can not accept the hearsay. I have never read in the Bible that there needed to be six million deaths.. from my research t appears tehre were far more than 6 million.

I am NOT tired, and rather believe that it is important that it is repeated that MILLIONS of people were tortured and MURDERED, and while it is not only Jews, it appears that it is only Jews who remind us what happens when socialst governments fail and purge people as solutions.


Seems to me, you might be thinking it would be OK if it happened again? You don't have to be a Jews hater.. you could be a people in general hater, think people are disposable and the planet would be better without people.. you would not be alone, you just wouldn't be with those like me, Jew or not, NEVER AGAIN.. Seems to me, America is preparing to have it happen again, right here.

People like you are already numb.. calling it a card, as if it were a game.