Comment: I have never denied that Jews were killed . . .

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I have never denied that Jews were killed . . .

or that many innocent people were killed; innocent people are killed all the time.

I know people who had drug experiments (deliberate) done on them in the 50s and 60s right here in the U.S.--

and those doing the experiments were not Germans.

Yes, this is a divisive thread. I am always seeking the truth, and I find it difficult when someone throws out a number, any number--

6 million Jews

50 million Ukrainians

Who on EARTH knows exactly how many--

maybe it was 5,999,999 Jews

Maybe it was 49 million Ukrainians

I think the thing that troubles truth seekers is the non-questioning way these numbers are thrown out. I don't deny that innocents of all religions have suffered, and I want to know about it, so that I can speak out against it ever happening again--

which is why I don't like what is happening in Gaza.

I have realized that those who have an agenda always use collectives--

once a person collectivizes, truth starts to fly out the window.

The idea that "all": Name any ethnic group, any religion, any nationality--

do this or such--

is simply erroneous--

I agree there is evil. There has always been evil; it seems there always will be evil.

I can, at least, speak out against it--

when I see it. The problem is that there are those who really ARE good at covering it up.

I once spoke with a young man (younger than I) who grew up in Germany. He asked his parents about this, and they said, "we had NO idea any of this was going on. We were just trying to survive in a chaotic world, and we had no idea that the Jews were going through anything like this."

That's not hate; that's ignorance. There are many things, probably in my own community, that I don't know that are going on that are evil--

will I be held accountable for not being able to see through walls?

I don't think so--

but IF I find out something evil is happening I don't have to contribute to it--

I can speak out against it--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--