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Even photons are affected by gravity - See General Relativity

Going back to the topic, I never invoked a creator. It is not necessary for a god to exist for natural rights to exist.

Even if a person is mentally deficient or physically inferior, reason can be used to justify his or her claim to property that was acquired either directly or indirectly through creative capacity.

I am not professing that there is an equality of results. That is the ground you are treading on, however.

I am simply saying that claims to property can be justified naturally. For instance, suppose a mentally handicapped person learned to sow and made a sweater that he or she decided to keep. Do YOU have a claim to that sweater that can be justified by reason? If you do not, neither does anyone else except the handicapped individual that created it. It can be said that the person has a natural right to the sweater. No one else can make such a justified claim. Such a claim follows naturally from its creation.