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Where do you get off telling me what to do? I really don't get that about you Lady.

No, I don't see the problem with MY concern for Snowden who YOU have NO idea where he is in Russia, a country we are going into conflict with, has no good record or human rights, and was strapped with Snowden because Obama administration wants Snowden dissappeared. Rand suggested that Snowden avoid Russia. So why is this OK? Why do you overlook the PERIL Snowden is in? You want to believe he's just fine? Ever sat at an airport for 24 hours? Try it for 6 weeks. It's NOT OK!!!

Sacrificing one's ass is not noble or significant if all you have done is CONFIRM what people KNOW and they don't change anyways. Who here is quitting DP (on the NSA radar), who is going off facebook, google, ebay, amazon, cellphones, GPS, applicances, YouTube because of Snowden's sacrifice? Are you??? NO?? Then what good was Snowden's sacrifice????

The government has the power it claims because WEE THE PEOPLE DON'T TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND GET IN GOVERNMENT TO BE BY, OF, and FOR US. Rather we let the GOP be the GOP, let the Democratic Party be the Democratic Party, let city, county, state, federal and national powers BE run by those who are WILLING to do what most here are NOT. That is the real tragedy. You can HATE government and what it is doing, but if you are NOT part of the government, part of the solution, than you are doing NOTHING but passing wind and allowing it to happen.

NOW YOU KNOW. WELL, THANK YOU SNOWDEN! What are YOU going to do? Wait for someone to do it your way for you? Good luck with that!

Greenwald I have no sympathy for, he belongs in prison for his gloablist UN Agenda participation. Snowden would find he has plenty of SUPPORT in America. He should return to America, accept the charges against him, and find he has Americans who will help him, free him and put the burden of blame on Obama's administration where it belongs.

Why not YOU wake up? If Snowden was in America you don't think he would have SUPPORT??? You don't think he would have protection?????

Come on!