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Comment: I would never vote for a

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I would never vote for a

I would never vote for a neocon. They must at least be going in the liberty direction. If I used the logic of just voting for the anti-graham candidate, I would have voted for Mitt Romney last year.

I understand politics very well, which is why I'm a huge supporter of getting people to elect Rand Paul's. It works. It helps our cause.

I'm also not advocating that Nancy Mace is the wrong choice. It sounds like she's going to follow the Rand Paul model. The problem is, we have no idea how knowledgeable she is about the issues Rand Paul stands for. If all she can do is recite talking points, or couldn't let you know who FA Hayek or Milton Friedman are. She can't win, because its something she wouldn't be principled on.

If someone comes in who has held elected office with a principled liberty record to back it up, a strong history with Ron Paul, endorsements from major people within the liberty movement, has obvious convictions for liberty, and has helped achieve many victories in promoting liberty through the Republican Party, that would be a serious candidate.

There's a pros and cons to each above. If Mace truly holds hear beliefs and can debate with best of them, she has the advantage of being an outsider. A fresh face as well.

Just don't want anybody to fully commit themselves when homework still needs to be done.