Comment: Happy?

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Hell no. When the hell does anyone call the cops when they are happy? Every encounter makes me suspicious. Police have the power to put me in jail. That in itself is intimidating. Jail sucks. Its embarrassing. Its a wicked process where the table is always tilted toward the accuser.

I know cops. A majority are good people. Honest. There are assholes in any organization. If you asked the average cop why they joined law enforcement it is because they want to be the good guys. Law enforcement must follow the laws we write. We cannot blame them for enforcing bad laws. It is their damn job!!

Our policies are driving the attitude. If we simply ended the drug war and only went after crooks that were hurting other people, law enforcement would be championed once again.

The drug war is destroying our morality. The foreign wars are destroying our rights at home.

It is the principle that is right and policy that is wrong.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul