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Comment: Yes, yes and yes!

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Yes, yes and yes!

There seems to be more and more "anomalies" around the case of Edward Snowden....not the man, but the people around him.
Am I wrong in having a deep suspicion that Wikileaks is a whistle blower back stop for the CIA? Is it a trap for people who want to protect The Constitution?
Why do all the people around Snowden belong to powerful groups that have their own agenda?
Was it a mistake to research Bruce Fein, Richard Gingras, Amelia Chilcott Fawsett, or Snowdens Russian Lawyer, his wikileaks lawyer, RTV, The Guardian,, Greenwald?
Is it starting to look like a "too polished" media production?
Am I mistaken in thinking that this could be the slickest propaganda/smokescreen ever produced?