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equal protection provided by

equal protection provided by who? if natural rights include the right not to pay for any public provision of rights-enforcement, then there can be no right to defense of one's rights beyond that provided by one's own power.

that reduces rights to power, and with power one can claim any right, positive or negative. this reduces the claim of 'natural' rights to a subjective moral statement not subject to proof or disproof, evidence or logical deduction. which is in fact the case.

since all beliefs are ultimately reducible to some characteristic of human nature, nearly any moral system can be claimed to be natural, including socialistic egalitarianism or elitist social darwinism. nature is no witness for the plaintiff or the defense, unfortunately. god would be, if he existed, and if anyone knew what he was thinking.

in the real world, morality is the descendant of interests, which guide the world of human life. one's most ultimate interests will rarely yield to a contradictory morality. only in exceptional cases (the ascetic or self-denying monk, the extreme pacifistic, etc.) does this occur.

most often, our morality aligns closely with our perceived interests. it is transmitted culturally from generation to generation, and imparted to us as children.

in fact the evolution and prospering of distinct human groups and cultures would follow, necessarily, from the law of success which that morality or cultural beliefs has in proliferating and multiplying the members of community that adopt them.

in different conditions of society than those we are used to, different morality would prevail and adherents to it would flourish better, as they did a hundred thousand years ago, or five thousand years ago, when no one talked about individual rights. the idea of being independent from the group would've horrified the member of a primitive tribe, and translate roughly into 'exile.'

no primitive human ever doubted their rightness in taking when their survival depended on it, even if it meant others had to suffer or die. morality is a cultural development which survives or disappears based on efficiency and selection.