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I thought about that

I thought about that scenario, about a month or so ago.

Well, if you allude to a massive global psy-op (?)

That was tough to wrap my head around it, but I eventually discarded it.

Not because of the too far fetched (because that wouldn't be)... But because of the degrees of improvisation and unpredicatility we've seen it has generated, in apathetic minds, or even servile medias...

Serious, no one can be surprised by the narrative the latter serve us...

But if you look closer, really close, maybe it will strike you as it did to me...

That's gross. Too gross. They had no preparation time whatsoever.

The state and big corpo serve them the bs to regurgitate real time, patching with stories and faked outrage and accusations of treason, pretty much improvised or with next to zero prepa.

They had no master plan, that is my belief.

I think Edward is genuine.

That doesn't mean he hasn't made mistake himself in delivering the truth... But, my point is:

probably nobody but him knew it would ever happen.

P.S. Attn: trigram agency soup member

Hey, NSA:

choke on that, idiots.


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