Comment: Incorrect Logic

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Incorrect Logic

First, assuming the new candidate is in the GOP (and I'm assuming Mace is, too), then there's little to be lost by having them duke it out in a primary; in fact, it makes it more exciting and involving. The only problem would be if their flaws begin to show--which I think is better done early than late.

The best candidate can then go on, having had practice, to fight for the election against challengers from other parties. I think this is true even with Graham in the primary race--challengers will serve to bring out his flaws.

If Graham doesn't get knocked out in a primary, I hope the Libertarian Party will put up a candidate; that candidate, at the very least, should be able to help make the case for freedom--causing the statist, Graham, to look like he's out of touch.

My dream is to have "liberty" candidates across the board so that the voters win freedom no matter how it comes out. Clearly, if Graham is running, he's got to go!

What do you think?