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Comment: Two different posters have indicated that, in South Carolina...

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Two different posters have indicated that, in South Carolina...

... there is a runoff election if no one gets 50%+ in the initial Primary. If this is true, then Graham cannot win with a mere plurality. The danger is that multiple Liberty candidates will run and:

1. attack each other, rather than training their fire on Graham, and/or

2. be unable to raise the needed money, because none of them stand out from the pack.

Concerning point #1... If there ends up being more than one Liberty candidate, they all need to sit down and have lunch together and agree that they will not attack one another, and communicate that message loud and clear all the way down to the local volunteers.

Concerning Point #2... Will Rand Paul be willing to endorse one of the Liberty challengers against a sitting Senate GOP colleague? Probably not. Will Ron Paul be willing to endorse one of the Liberty challengers? Hopefully, and maybe that will lead the broader Liberty Movement to throw its financial weight behind that candidate.

One final note: In my opinion, there is no more important contest in 2014 than this South Carolina Senate race. Last year, Ron Paul finished in the 20-25% range in both Iowa and New Hampshire (about double his average 2012 Primary share), and, looking ahead to 2016, Rand Paul appears to be well situated in both states. It would not surprise me if Sen. Paul won both Iowa and New Hampshire, which would set South Carolina up as the Neoconservative firewall. Replacing Lindsey Graham with a Liberty Senator who would enthusiastically endorse Paul could get Paul over the hump, and effectively secure the nomination.

I hear that Lindsey Graham has about $6 million in the bank. Well, in late 2007, we raised $6 million for Ron Paul's Presidential campaign from one moneybomb. We can make Nancy Mace, or Lee Bright, or Tom Davis financially competitive if we are willing to open our wallets. I say wait for a few weeks, let the field get set, figure out who to support, and spring for that candidate.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand