Comment: Let God Be The Judge

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Let God Be The Judge

Every individual of the hundreds I've ever met who identifies themselves as Jewish in one way or other has often been a better 'Christian' than most of the individuals I've met who self-identify as Christians.

In this regard I've had an advantage in living in New York. There are as many Jewish Americans as their are Jewish Israelis. The Jews in America are not particularly well distributed throughout the country. It is therefore possible to go your whole life in many parts of the US without meeting a normal person who is Jewish. One's only impression of 'Jews' are these elite celebrity types who are almost always a bunch of degenerates regardless of cultural background.

Let God be the judge for if you are of the belief that Jews constitute some type of 'Chosen People' to bear the Law, then I'm sure the Lord will punish very harshly those who do not live up to that grace and honor. In fact, I am pretty sure that if you are chosen to represent God and instead side with evil forces, your punishment will be more severe than if a 'gentile' did the same.