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Enforcing bad laws

"We cannot blame them for enforcing bad laws. It is their damn job!!"

Prior to having their civil rights recognized, black people were arrested for using the WHITES ONLY drinking fountains, bathrooms, restaurants, etc. Rosa Parks was arrested for sitting in the front of the bus. Despite the fact that all these bad laws existed, a cop who is well-grounded in his sense of morality and protection of the rights of ALL people could have refused to enforce such laws. Then again, it's their "damn job".

It's the TSA's "damn job" to feel around your nut sack, your breasts, fondle your children, etc.

It was just some Nazi soldiers "damn job" to put Jews on to cattle cars and eventually into mass extermination.

When people accept that it is ok for people to behave immorally and abuse other people's human rights simply because it's their "damn job" then we have become accessories to such heinous acts.