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Nothing is wrong with God.

Nothing is wrong with God. As far as the Bible is concerned, and AFAICT:

Man insisted to make his own laws and follow them by himself, instead of following the too numerous given in the old covenant (because man had already insisted to get a long, comprehensive list, in addition to the ten commandments).

Seemingly, some religious want to follow that old set, now, plus some, say, customizations, disregarding an even simpler, also more recent, new covenant come with Christ. Who had also been announced with a very fair prior notice, btw.

So be it.

Thus, man keeps being in complete control of his own knowledge, and laws, and usages of laws. Choosing and picking God's once in a while, according to what man's moods and fashions of the time dictate.

That worked out so great, as we all can see, especially during the last two centuries, and counting. Didn't it?

The Golden Rule and the words of Christ must be too simplistic for many, observably.

Again, so be it.

It's just a prophecy being fulfilled, you know.

We are still in man's knowledge's trial period. Therefore, with Evil ruling all over the place, as was expected.

Meanwhile, for the few who have ears... Matthew 7:24-27, although uneasy to really honor faithfully, granted, helps them staying focused, patient, and strong. Like The Rock.

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