Comment: When I heard with my own ears

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When I heard with my own ears

When I heard with my own ears Bush Jr saying he didn't know where Osama was and he didn't really care. I was shocked. It stayed in the back of my mind for years, until the 2007 housing crash, and the subsequent TARP bailout. I joined the Tea Party to protest using our taxpayer dollars to essentially reward the very banks that caused the crash. Both democrats and republicans said we HAD to bail them out. I couldn't understand that. Then Obama introduced more bailouts for the same banks, and both parties supported that too. It didn't make any sense to me that we were rewarding the banks for their financial malfeasance. Then I saw a bumper sticker on a car in front of me that said "Google Ron Paul" so I did. I looked up Ron Paul, I read his words, I watched the CSPAN videos of him warning of this very thing way back in 1993, and I was hooked.
My focus was fairly limited to the financial aspect, until I started reading more about the Federal reserve and their part in the housing crisis, and the pattern of booms and busts in the business cycle. I didn't really believe that our government was deliberately "Evil" until I began researching the personal histories of people the Bush family, Hillary Clinton, and her involvement in Watergate and her subsequently being fired for stealing and concealing files.