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Comment: When the Democrats took the house in 2006

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When the Democrats took the house in 2006

And immediately, Nancy Pelosi began bending over backwards to assure everyone that there would be no impeachment of W.

That wasn't the first straw, (and I guess it wasn't really the last straw, either).

The first straw came when I was in grade school, and we had a snow day in Seattle, and the national news played it up all evening breathlessly as, "The Blizzard of Seattle!" and kept showing an old boat shack down by the lake collapsing. They kept showing it over and over, because that is about the only thing that happened.

That's the first time my little gradeschool age mind went, "Wait a minute..."

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We're being told a story. That much is clear. It is like the Truman Show, but many of us - to different levels - are aware of the ruse.

So then what?