Comment: I distinctly recall ...

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I distinctly recall ...

...during the first Gulf War, when I was stunned to see that the 24/7 cable coverage was blatantly manipulated with images of "smart bombs" and national jingoism, while simultaneously completely cleansed of any images and stories of blood and death and consequences.

I began to suspect something was really wrong when I saw they were packaging war as some futuristic 'patriotic' video game.

Then it was a done deal for me after they announced they were refusing to show any American servicemen coming back in bodybags.

It wasn't that I was some government worshipping ass-kissing statist before that. My Dad was in the Vietnam War and a Major in the AF. And he was never a fan of bureaucrats and blockheads - I knew that when I was little. So I was always independent and knew that it was shady from a very young age.

But it was the Gulf War that started to really spook me. I had the feeling deep down in my bones that we had crossed some kind of major line, that things were not at all what they appeared to be and thinking

" ... this is the dividing line to the future, and it looks like it might be dark"