Comment: Scofield and his concordance or "bible"--

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Scofield and his concordance or "bible"--

infected all of Christianity--

though not the Catholics, really--

I remember when I believed that Jews were superior to other human beings--

by 'right'--

(sacred right)

I remember when I thought that it didn't matter what happened to Palestinians; the Jews were MEANT to have the holy land--

I remember weeping at night over the holocaust, and how could I live in a world that would allow that to happen?

I was VERY pro-Israel.

And then I had a change of mind and heart--

and a spiritual change as well--

I am now greatly at odds with my church and with most of my extended family--

luckily spouse and I are on the same boat--(or page or whatever it is called)--

but we are absolutely surrounded by warmongers who are pro-Israel and don't weep for the killing of anyone with a brown skin, as long as Israel is 'safe'--

I used to believe that, and it's hard for me to think that I'm in the same body I was in back then--

I shake my head over it; what other things did I swallow (besides that the U.S. government was benign, maybe a little clumsy, but *we* were the 'good guys')--

it was hard when I woke up, and I haven't adjusted yet, and I've been waking up for decades--

the big, CLUNK, wake up took place about 25 years ago--

I am 'mixed race', but mostly white; I have no Jewish ancestry; my spouse does, however--

spouse is not 'mixed race', but is all 'white'--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--