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I think the main problem is that

Most people read into the Scriptures what they want to read. There is an entire book for context and most people, Christians included, have not read it in its entirety.

The conflict between the Jews and the Muslims/Arab's is unbelievably complicated and thinking that "if only this side would do _____ then everything would be ok" is naive in my opinion.

I think the promise is more specific though than just adhering to the golden rule. I want to make it clear though that I am not against us supporting the State of Israel in a conflict where they are not the aggressors. I believe coming to their aid in that instance is perfectly in line with Scripture. Israel, miraculously, is still a nation. As such, if we believe in Yah, then blessing them is a no brainer. Let's just be careful to be sure that our blessings are in fact blessings.