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Kennedy was our last hope

I knew things were hopeless when realized just how corrupt and entrenched and arrogant the U.S. News Media Enterprise was. This became apparent to me after Oliver Stone's movie "JFK" was released and the public was really clamoring for answers and for a new investigation.

In this atmosphere, 30 years after the murder, the U.S. News Media remarkably just thumbed their noses back at the people, and just doubled-down on promoting the whole "lone-gunman" fraud all over again. How can a Country ever survive if its criminals (George H.W. Bush) are made into Heroes, and its Heroes (Bradley Manning) are made into criminals ?

And finally, there's the whole 2000 Election. With his father having been a failed President, and the Economy strong, and the Country at Peace, it made no sense for people to even look at the bumbling, moronic George Bush. We saw Al Gore winning the Election by 500,000 votes Nationally, and all Exit Polls showed him winning Florida. Despite obvious disenfranchisment of voters, and conflicts of interest all over the place -- the Media tried to stuff down our throats the idea that Bush really won Florida, when the election was clearly brazenly stolen right in the light of day.

And then with Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld were behind the wheel, I knew immediately that 9-11 was phony. I knew on the very first day.

None of our Countries great crimes could ever exist without the U.S. News Media being a direct accessory, a direct accomplice, a willful enabler, and a willful purveyor of propaganda.

The Media made all this happen.