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I asked my Mom.. "Who is my daddy?" and she showed me a picture of an officer in the USN and said, "Your Daddy is an officer on a big ship in the Navy, and he loves you very much." And I said, "He knows me?" And she yes, "Yes, of course he knows you."

When his ship came in, I was excited and kinda scared because I didn't know him. I didn't really get to spend much time with him, he seemed pretty busy.. he was only around for two weeks and his ship went back out.. and then, he got stationed on three tours in Nam, so he lived in Nam and not with us.. So I never really knew him (and the few times I did spend with him he was very authoritarian).. and I read about how war breaks up families and kids grow up with out dads, and I thought.. even kids who have dads they never get to know because their dads are killing other kid's dads.