Comment: Some are hung up on dispensationalism

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Some are hung up on dispensationalism

which sees Israel and the Church as having two separate covenants. In this paradigm, Israel (as a whole, and as a nation ) will be restored to the position of elect on earth once the Church is raptured. These are the ones most likely to take the 'Israel can do no wrong' approach.

Other Evangelicals take the opposite position: Israel is a nation, which, having rejected their Messiah, should be considered as accursed. This frees them to 'Blame Israel first' for every problem in the Middle East, regardless of the validity of the conclusion.

The middle of the road camp acknowledges the Romans 11 paradox: the Jewish People of Jesus' day were both loved on account of the Patriarchs, and those who rejected the Messiah. Paul himself wished that he could be cut off for his Jewish brethren, and Jesus promised His disciples that they would reign over the Twelve Tribes of Israel. (Acts 1: 6 - 8) We believe in the rights of all sovereign states, including Israel, to exist, and to determine their borders within reason. We also believe that Israel should uphold its own law, and treat the aliens within the nation (who deign to live peacefully among them) as they would treat the fellow Jew.

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