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collectivism again--

then what would *you* do with Rabbi Weiss and his thousands of fellow Orthodox (Godly, not secular) Jews--

who promote peace and won't acknowledge the State of Israel and its behavior towards the Palestinians?

Where do you put them?

They are the Ron Paul followers of the Jewish world, and there are a lot of them--

they are joined by thousands of secular Jews who have the same beliefs?

Will these good, honest, truth-seeking Jews be destroyed, according to your belief system?

I used to believe as you do, and I STILL believe that Christians need to acknowledge the efforts of righteous Jews--

Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekial and even the minor prophets--

and, yes, Jesus was Jewish--


He also said He could raise up seed unto Abraham from stones--

that's fine, and that's something that Christians can argue somewhat harmlessly about--

but what do you do with the JEWS who are not happy with Israel?

Destroy them and let the 'liberal', no-longer-believing-in-God Netanyahus of the world take over?

THAT is a spiritual battle on another battlefield--

and it's too big for us--

God will decide, but I don't believe that He'll say "down with you" to Weiss and "good for you" to Netanyahu--

and I apologize for responding to you, because all you did was represent what most Christians (non-Catholic) believe, and that is what the OPer asked for--

you did a good job; that is certainly what I would have written out 20 years ago--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--