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Just prior to the Iraq invasion, I discovered that a third tower on 9/11 had collapsed. Why had I not heard about this. Then I saw the video and I reaffirmed for myself the claim that it was falling at freefall speed. As a person with a strong scientific and engineering background I knew this was physically impossible without demolition charges. I don't believe in miracles so I could no longer accept the official story. After that it was just one never ending stinking rabbit hole. Discovering how almost everything I thought I knew about money, politics and the modern history of our civilization ends up being a lie was a pretty tough pill to swallow. Even tougher is seeing so many intelligent people still vehemently defending the lie out of ignorance or cognitive dissonance. But the hardest thing of all is when the government rolls out more liberty stealing legislation unopposed entirely in the name of this lie and I watch Dems and RINOS lap it all up with a big 'hell yeah'. They are cheering for their own own enslavement.