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I'm OK

I don't feel like my research on Israel has been an irrational bee in my bonnet. I really like what I'm seeing that Israel is doing about standing against the UN Agenda. If America were more like Israel, we wouldn't have a Detroit going bankrupt, because we would be more free than we are, to reclaim detroit as a people, not as corporate personhoods.

And I'll level with you, because I do have a problem, and studying Israel/Palestine/UN//USA has been much easier by comparison.

I'm at the point, I don't know what to do.. I'm thinking I should file a criminal complaint, but it's complicated...and part of me wants to brush the whole damn thing aside, but things keep happening, stupid things.. little things, weird things, won't just let me be about it..

So here goes, and I'm going to summerize

I have no doubt my father, under the influence of a very clever woman, took the opportunity to "let my Mother go". She passed.

He then, methodically disenfrancised his children, giving us the ultimatum to accept this woman, or he "never wanted to see us again".

I have not liked this, but I never saw him again.

13 days before he passed, he changed his will.

The people who my father named, have not received their money. The attorney lodged a new will(forged) for my Mother (2 years after she passed).

I am the executor of both their original wills and I have those wills.

My father was worth quite a bit of money, not millions, but that money could have helped three of my siblings (one who passed and how I found out about none of the new heirs getting their shares, and my remaining siblings have issues).

The thing is.. I KNOW his will was hi-jacked by this woman. He lived in another state. A local attorney gave me some names of attorneys who have passed the bar where his new will is lodged and my state, but after months of searches.. and because his state is #42 on the most corrupt of courts, I've not found an attorney.

So I'm stumped. I know this is a crime to hi-jack an estate. So, I'm trying to work it out in my head how to file the complaint, but also what to do about it.. Is filing the crime report enough?

These little things.. this morning my Dad's name with "go for it", was a mis-transcribed message I recieved. Pictures I haven't seen in years of my folks fall out of books I haven't moved.. wrong number calls asking for my Mom's name... I took everything I thought I had about his estate, filed it in the back of my filing cabinate, and copies I don't remember making, pop up.

So, yeah, I'm bothered about it. Seems "forces" are telling me to "go for it", but I'm stumped. I have talked to my sheriff, my DA.. both tell me to file a criminal report.. but it's like writing a book because I really don't know how to do this.

And that's what's bothering me.

SO.. tell me to get over it so I can.