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It's only nasty in the sense that these stupid little things have not the mis-translated message this morning with my dad's name and GO FOR IT. LOL

I have been avoiding this issue for two years.. siblings are PO'd because I said what you said.. He can do what he wants.. but they feel he was coersed.. one brother said it was assisted suicide.. I said that can't be, it's illegal in his state.. but I understand, he was very depressed, completely drugged and drunk.. very sick.. really he ruined his life (though everyone says the other woman ruined his life). And she did very well in her very short relationship.. being a capitalist, I respect that about her.

So when we talk about Israel and Palestine.. do I know what it is like to be raped and beaten for years and then robbed of my inheiratence? You betcha!

If we all just let these things go eh? :D PEACE