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was sometime after the OKC incident.

We'd heard from a relative living in OKC that the Red Cross was "selling sandwiches and bottled water at the site." (yes that trusty organisation that people donate hundreds of millions of dollars to)

Every year on my b-day we used to have a big party and have bands come play so we could raise money for a local charity. That year we decided to raise money directly for OKC victims since Red Cross appeared to be a sham that used/hid the majority of their donations for admin costs. We took the money we raised and drove it directly to the OK Governor's office thinking he would do the right thing with it. (yeah right..) Who knows where it ended up?

After hearing the official story about the Ryder truck and thinking that was (solely) what happened, I saw this on my local cable public access tv channel.

My eyes were barely starting to open in the late 90's, but after OKC, Waco, '93 WTC, they were open a little wider. I still didn't know or really care what was going on.

By the time 9/11 happened where we lost a family friend, a light bulb went off and I began to research feverishly for the next couple of years. Then all the pieces started coming together when I compared it to the backdrop of history. That's when I began to understand the concept of the Hegelian Dialectic. (problem, reaction, solution)

Then I started to look at all the executive orders and realize while these puppets were wearing different colored jerseys, they were moving the ball in the same direction behind the scenes.
Life has not been the same since.