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Not a problem

I saw myself more as Palestinian actually.

Seems my Dad's friend was the "Israeli (Jewish BTW) who lied, cheated, abducted and stole what was entitled to me and my siblings, until 13 days before his self induced passing, her attorney (UN) arranged to have us rendered "stateless", and she occupied the estate, which is worth more than what most people ever see in an inheiretance, even divided.

Only a few short months ago did I come to LOVE Israel, and perhaps why I can forgive and forget (if these darn little things would stop, and I pray they do, why I brought it up to you, to help flush it), though that is not the case of my siblings, one of whom died a few months ago(was a quadplegic my Mother cared for, and her death, and my father's abandonment, left him dependent on the state, which has no need to pay into keeping people like him alive for long).

Trust me, I'm fine.. my siblings are another story.. but then, life goes on, eh?