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my ego

has nothing to do with them questions i asked
i have studied many bibles for over 35 yrs,I have many more questions
you see,when i asked these 2 in church,i was told by the elders
"to accept them by faith,just as you have done
faith does not answer,nor can it,it is a contradiction,or misinformation
Now the reason i asked is this,there appears to be a couple who might know
the answers
I cannot/will not accept false information based on faith,as it does not answer anything,it just leads to more questions
there are reasons i of them being,the bible has been altered
whole books taken out,chapters with words that go nowhere
example the name lilith,ever heard of her?,supposedly she was adams first wife,she would not submit to him,so she was banished from the garden
the text speaks of lilith as a demon,and now she causes crib death,and gives men their night dreams
so you see,it is not ego,but of wanting more knowledge
see here


If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence