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I "hear" you on the, "green light", "red light".. check this out.. I decided to take a break, (I do chores between postings), and I thought, "I'm going to watch a movie, nothing serious.. just something of a different nature". So I open the movie player and what is the movie featured FRONT PAGE, "Recommened for you"?

"INHEIRITANCE" I kid you not! Children of the SS.. it was a documentary about a woman whose father was Amon Goeth.

This song came to mind,

All I know is things happen for a reason, and that God does not give us what we can not handle when we are with God, who is beyond our ability to reason. So it's about ADORING GOD with ALL our heart and having FAITH, that what does not crush us, will make us stronger.

Which brings me to the cancer question. I have taken Nature Made B-17 for years. I do not believe I had cancer. I believe I tested a false possitive.

Thank you for the LOVING SPIRIT and kindness (((((((((((h4w)))))))))) <3 <3 <3