Comment: Very Brave Decision Jefferson

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Very Brave Decision Jefferson

You have balls brother!

Good luck in whatever ventures you peruse in the future..

I have been in the business 35 years. I stay and work there to educate the employees. That is the avenue I took. We are winning converts, even at a defense site.. I made alot of friends and converts to Ron and Rand Paul and the liberty movement.

Hell, one day at lunch we even had a freedom rally at Lockheed - Martin and flew the Gadsden Flag. There are alot of libertarians at my work site.

Believe me I don't regret staying there. Before work many of us gather together to talk about liberty. Of course I lead the talks. Many eyes are opening up and many more will as well.

However, due to SEQUESTRATION, many of my friends and co workers are getting their WARN Act papers. Many will be terminated by the end of August...

Our campus is going to look like a freaking ghost town..

I will be retiring in about 2 years..I'm getting tired and old fast..

Maybe I'll run for congress someday...Who knows?