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Bullies and thieves are ALWAYS cowards, and take the road less likely to resist.
I have seen this over and over again in my life and have experience this first hand.
When a known defence, or threat of immediate retaliation is present, the cowards always go elsewhere to where those he or she wants to prey upon are weak and cannot resist. It is common sense, that where there is known to be firearms being carried by others for personal protection, a thief or murderer will not challenge but will do their evil deeds elsewhere.
Ron Paul is not only correct, but he is a man who know what he is talkng about and says what needs to be heard. Guns do not kill people, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE!
The Founding Fathers knew exactly what is in the heart of man and that we all have the God given rights to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the threat of others whether they be foreign or domestic.
May God bless us with such a man as Ron Paul to run this nation as it ought to be and we shall then prosper according.