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I feel you are sorely wrong. If someone is wrong on an issue it doesn't make them a fraud by default. I've listened to Jerry religiously for almost two years now. I disagree with Jerry on a fair few issues. .. he's not a dove but he's honest. No one gave Ron Paul more free positive press including an early endorsement than j.d. he only supported mittens in the eleventh hour because as he said a million times "in my mind a crapitalist is better than a marxist socialist 60's radical. " see? I don't agree with him all the time. But if he's a fraud for giving mitt a default endorsement then rand is too. In fact rand endorsed mitt weeks before jd. No one gives the Gop and the dems more daily ass paddlings than jd. Your assertion that he is a gop establishment shill is both tired and absurd. I find him wildly entertaining and has been a great listening replacement for the tired Alex Jones.