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TY fonta

Thank you for the kind words fonta.

I am sorry that you do not SEE what Israel is doing as THE solution to PEACE.

First, I would highly suggest you watch the vid, THE LEGAL CASE FOR ISRAEL because all it is, are the FACTS. It is not an opinion piece. It simply lays out the FACTS on the treaties and laws

Second, These vids below show you the difference between Israel SOVREIGNITY VS GLOBAL GOVERNMENT (UN AGENDA):

So if you believe that a UN Global Government, where people do not own anything, and AUTHORITY of global central bankers, by puppets who employ FORCE, to squash individual's self determination, is THE WAY to global peace, then, I don't believe you understood what Ron Paul was saying when he campaigned on, FREEDOM IS POPULAR and RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.

It is very interesting that so many here, who speak up openly about the UN AGENDA, stand against Israel, who is a target by the UN (communist and Islamic collective since 1975) because Israel is fighting for SELF DETERMINATION.

I would also like to address your point on why SOME Israelis have a hard time with non Jews, which I am.

Again, here in DP, we see plenty of attacks on "Zionist controlled media", but is it really? To find the vids for Israel volunteer opportunies, building houses for Palestinians, I had to go through five Google pages of ISRAEL DEMOLISHING PALESTINE HOUSES.

The bias is AGANST Israel and why it took me so long to find anything that was good. And once I began finding opportunities, such as building homes for Palestinians by Israeli based volunteer organizations (which they do pay for interns on many volunteer jobs), it's pretty apparent to me, media is not controlled by friends to Israel, but UN Agendists, who LOVE watching Israel become THE target, by the people who one might think would be supporting Israel's self determination over the UN AGENDA.

With all this biased information abundantly against Israel, many Americans come to Israel to stand for Palestine, not Israel. They do not appreciate that it is Israel who gave them the opportunity to even come to the Mid East.

I have been watching Palestinian films (having watched many Israel films), and I began watching each film thinking, "they are going to bash Israel".. well they do have issues with Israel. REAL issues no one likes about Israel, but they have VERY SERIOUS issues about the Palestinian AUTHORITY who employs the Islamic AUTHORITY that works with the UN AUTHORITY to stop the people of Palestine from SELF DETERMINATION.

Palestinians are not fools. They see the OPPORTUNITY in Israel and they want that OPPORTUNITY, and I can't blame them. The Palestinian AUTHORITY, Islamic AUTHORITY and UN AUTHORITY twist the message.. Palestine wants to be it's own Israel FREE to be Palestine and to THRIVE. The Palestinian AUTHORITY, Islamic AUTHORITY and UN Authority, blame Israel, saying it is Israel's illegal occupation, not their combined, overlapping AUTHORITY responsible for the oppression of the peoples of Palestine.

I can go on, but understand you are on a limited net connection, and apologise if I already overwhelmed you in my answer.