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From Big Sky Country

On a sunny day you can see only blue forever. Very few jets coming over, just one every now and then. Now, I have pictures of the whole sky covered with a crisscross pattern. AND these trails are not from passenger planes, not enough in the area.

I live in the mountains where my trees used to be full of all kinds of birds and squirrels. My big concern this year is the bird population which is down about 50% and squirrels 0%.
Also I have been able to leave my screen doors open, practically NO insects. The stray fly or two that did get in were lethargic and died in a very short time. What are the birds to eat if there are no insects? Yes I put out food.

Wild animals showing up more, mountain lions and black bears; are they trying to tell us something? I feel so sorry for all the wild creatures that have no choice.

Grass needs less mowing, not growing as much. Area where rain pours off the roof is yellow, used to be the fastest growing.

Thanks for reading, family thinks I'm losing it.