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In my opinion,'s because they've tried everything else to destroy libertarianism in the hearts and minds of their fans and critics, and are clearly failing. Now they're trying to blur the lines in order to make Rand less appealing to independent voters (yes, I believe it's aimed directly at Rand). Rand will get the Republican nomination if he doesn't fall prey to their e-voting machines before he faces Hilary. If he gets a bigger chunk of independents than Hilary, he'll be our next president. Again, if they don't steal it, which they will unless they plan to make the people suffer severely during his time in office in order to destroy ours as a viable political philosophy, root and stem, once and for all.

Imagine if Rand wins and they manipulate things in such a way that the middle-class is completely raped. Any time a libertarian runs for any office they'll be able to say, "do you people really want to risk going through THAT again?" and it will work, I think. Right now I think some people who don't necessarily want to vote libertarian, but vote libertarian anyway, will do so because they hope and pray for something better, and they've lived through several Republicratic administrations that have led to nothing but loss of one kind or another. The lack of bad experience with libertarian presidents works in our favor in these trying times. If you had to eat the same crap over and over, then you see something different—not good but not bad neither—you may give it a try, and it may taste great, but if you wake up at 3am sick to your stomach you will never try it again, especially if you have someone reminding you of how sick you were the last time you tried it.

I hope I'm wrong, but I think that's the environment we live in right now and that they may actually be setting us up for complete and utter failure before the number of people awakened is too large for their tricks to be effective; i.e. before the tipping point aims in our direction.

I pray that we already have the numbers, the momentum, the know-how and God's grace on our side. I'd really hate to have to start over (because I will never stop "teaching.")

Work for pay, pay for freedom
Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em