Comment: I remember waiting on dialup to connect

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I remember waiting on dialup to connect

Now if a page takes more than one second to load I get impatient. It reminds me of Louie CK's jokes.

Technology changes our behavior drastically and in a very short time frame but unfortunately our social system reinforces negative behavior, such as intellectual collectivism. Those of you on Dailypaul can probably see this plainly when you use facebook.

As I get older I realize that fewer and fewer people are reading books. Fewer people enjoy talking about ideas. Information is bottle-fed to people today. The collectivization of information makes most people conform to social opinions and standards instead of independently analyzing information from their own perspective and experiences. Millions of people who have never met may have the exact same opinion on a subject because of mass media. If the opinions were personal they would be different, even slightly.

The instantaneous spread of information has very positive effects which are enjoyed by those who possess intelligence, however it also reinforces the collectivization of personality to those more susceptible to collectivism.

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