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LittleWing Justifies Suicide Bombing and murdering innocent Children by terrorist organizations who use Children in a campaign of HATE for Israel.

You have twisted my words. I would have never written what you made out of my words, so let me make it clear to you:

Palestiniuan children are innocent and unfortunately grow up under a BRUTAL HAMMAS AUTHORITY that murders Palestinian ARAB MUSLIMS, and a corrupt and inept Palestinian AUTHORITY, that employs Islamic AUTHORITY, working with UN AUTHORITY, to suppress INNOCENT CHILDREN, teaching them to blame and hate Israel, for the lack of opportunity they could have in abundance, if it were not for the BRUTAL HAMMAS and CORRUPT and INEPT Palestinian AUTHORITY, working with the Islamic AUTHORITY, and UN AUTHORITY, that FORCES these Innocent Palestinian children to act in the name of HATE for their EXCUSE.

You're a perfect example to the SICK and TWISTED mindset that uses INNOCENT CHILDREN, ARAB, MUSLIM, PALESTINAIAN INNOCENT AND BEAUTIFUL who deserve a GOOD LIFE and peace, that are instead kept oppressed so you can USE them as a campaign against Israel for your own CORRUPT and MURDERING REGIME against your own people.

Shame on you and using the innocents of children, robbing them of their future in a twisted and sick campaign to promote AUTHORITY over the freedom, Israel prooves can be had when there isn't layers of AUTHORITY committing crimes in the name of inncocent children.

It is the likes of YOU why Israel needs to build a wall, not the inncocent Children you to teach HATE, and to blame Israel.. but they are catching on... they are growing up and seeing, ISRAEL is opportunity and freedom, and you are nothing but an OPPRESSOR with excuses for layers of corrupt and inept AUTHORITY!

You are going to lose because these children SEE the TRUTH about you and your AUTHORITARIAN DEATH CULT.