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Speaking of which...

Some people think that the whole reason diets like the Atkins diet, which nixes all carbohydrates in favor of protein, (bacon and eggs for breakfast, a couple of chickens for lunch, a side of beef for dinner), and The South Beach Diet, in which the first 2 weeks are entirely simple-carbohydrate free, work for a singular reason: They eliminate wheat from the diet. Read Wheat Belly and you'll learn about some of the myriad issues with wheat.

After you've been off it for a while, then take a hit of wheat (like I did this weekend in the form of a buttermilk biscuit at brunch), you may notice the effects in your body immediately in the form of bloating.

Adopting the no wheat policy, and extending it to no grains in general is the Primal Blueprint. If you can't eat it raw, don't eat it at all. That's the theme here. So in addition to wheat, nix all grains, and all legumes. Stick to healthy protein, fat, fruits, veggies, nuts & berries.

Nix the grains and see what happens.

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