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I'm willing to address any topic

I am sorry that you think I'm avoiding an issue. THANK YOU for bringing issues back to my attenting so I may adrress them.

ISRAEL DEMOLISHES PALESTINIANS HOMES. THAT IS A FACT, ORchardes, gardebns schools, ISRAEL DEMOLISHES.. I do NOT DENY THAT FACT in any way shape or form.. no different than I deny the FACT even in my own area, people HOMES, gardens orchards were obtained under FRAUD, condemned and DEMOLISHED FORCING people who have lived in this area for decades to relocate.

It happens EVERYWHERE, even here, where right now, we have a HUGE FIGHT as State Parks is telling us, they don't care that 98% of the community voted NO gainst their plan to DEMOLISH a haul road, and DESTROY vegetation that protects a community of homes from sand dune migration, that is now swqallowing up the homes, people are being forced to move and the county, and state have told people they can NOT use a tractor, or remove any sand. So we have problems here, by AUTHORITY, really no different except it is the USA layers of government reclaiming WATER and LAND for themselves, pushing himeowners off, with NO compensation, just legal papers and guns.

Israel removes Jews from Illegal settlements ALL THE TIME.

Neighbor did not get a permit to repair his roof. The roof repair was $15K. The fines (many layers of government) for not getting a permit was $230,000.00. Think they are not pissed? AND, they can not sell the house until the property is approved. Matter of fact, you can not sell your car here unless it is smog checked LOCALLY.. smog check is $450.00.

But let's duscuss this Israeli DEMOLATION of Palestinian homes.. WHY do you wonder, does the Palestinian Authority ALLOW it? WHY doesn't the Palestinian AUTHORITY bring their tanks and troops and stand up to Israel and say NO YOU WILL NOT?!!

Can you answer that?