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Comment: I respectfully beg to differ.

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I respectfully beg to differ.

I would contend that translation is a non-issue, first of all. When you compare EVERY copy of the Bible we have, including all the oldest manuscripts, they are 98% accurate to each other. The 2% inaccuracies do not affect doctrine at all, such as adding a zero to the number of horses and other things of that nature.

Also - Christianity and Islam are utterly at odds with each other. While Allah and Yahweh might seem similar at face value, the understanding of WHO they are is totally different. The Muslim god is not the Judeo-Christian God.

I would contend the primary issue is CONTEXT. It almost always is - it is genuinely astounding how many times a passage is taken out of context to mean something totally different. My dad, a former preacher, is fond of saying "Never read a Bible verse." After the nervous/shocked looks, he follows it up with, "Always read at least a chapter."