Comment: Biggs is stating now that how when he was in AfPak and Iraq

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Biggs is stating now that how when he was in AfPak and Iraq

with other embedded reporters, they were scared shiitless, but even when explosions went off nearby and rounds were whizzing by, when Hastings was embedded with Biggs' unit, he was calm as fcuk.

but when Michael Hastings called Biggs just before the explosive crash, his tone and inflections communicated that he was scared out of his mind.

Biggs and AJ seem to be going through with the investigation! YES!

The interview is concluded, now.

P.S. AJ just speculated to Joe Biggs (was clear that it was just a personal speculation) that Hastings may actually have been CIA (one of the few good ones, then found out, wasn't gonna go along with it and got killed for his conscience), seeing as how Elise Jordan was from NSC circles; those two coming together is weird stars aligning itself.

Well, not sure. But these days, whoTF knows?

That said, I too, frankly saw Hastings as being Gen. McCrystal's conduit to his exit strategy, whether he knew or not. When you're a general who reaches the levels that Stanley did, you KNOW better than to yap your shiit to a reporter, a Rolling Stone reporter for that matter, about your boss, the POTUS. To me, I seriously could not 'get' how no one else saw that as an obvious INTENTIONAL "Exit Strategy" deployed by Stanley McCrystal.

Generals, in the 21st Century are ALL politicians. Strategic war planners are his aides. Just like any other politician, they don't write their own bills: their lawyers/legal aides, often offered up by various NGO's and thinktanks do.

Stanley McCrystal, the torturer of Bagram and Pat Tillman coverup artist, is no dummy. He spoke on the record trashing VP and the POTUS, to Hastings, on purpose, as his own exit strategy.

The only question is was Hastings a conscious player in his exit strategy? Well, too late to find out now. We'll never know, unless McCrystal suddenly grows a conscience and tells all...yeah, like that will happen.

This is why spooks' world begets secrets, beget secrets, until no one knows WTF, then the entire spy state collapses from its own lies. Oversimplified, but that's just history for ya.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul