Comment: I do not agree with "drone

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I do not agree with "drone

I do not agree with "drone strikes". PERIOD
I do not consent to "drone strikes". PERIOD

I DONT CARE FOR THE GOOD IT DOES, on the daily basis.....drones are one step down to the danger of a "weapon of mass destruction".......they have introduced yet another WEAPON into the world, where others WILL attempt to aquire, and the only option for the makers is to forcefully stop this from happening (we know they dont talk for fear of looking "weak"), and in doing so, becoming a greater threat then the one, they unknowingly created

Violence is met by violence.PERIOD.....either imediate or left to grow and fester

Peace is met by violence, yes, AND peace........the aggressors of this war, this great lie, this great manipulation is NOT after PEACE....they dont UNDERSTAND peace