Comment: Yes, unfortunately.

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Yes, unfortunately.

They should be perceived (and eventually dealt with, if necessary) as such.

I hate to say it, but perhaps we need whistleblowers / hackers to supply lists and home addresses of ALL federal, metro / city, etc. LE personnel in the country (except for those of sheriff / elected-official-directed [and thus accountable] departments).

I think this may be appropriate, and perhaps it would discourage some of their industry-wide corruption, bluster, abuse, etc. Also the same info for personnel of these so-called private security firms and the like would be nice, too, if they are deployed domestically.

Sadly, we are rapidly careening off Liberty's course to the point in time when the implied, possible, or even actual threat of force against these people--where they sleep and/or are at least semi-vulnerable--may be the only deterrent against their abusive and murderous modi operandi, so oft demonstrated as of late.

What would the Founders do?