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I Understand.

I understand that there are different world views out there. I agree that this world is REAL an that moral values are just as REAL as that of the physical world. I also agree that atheist can be moral people. I would differ is that moral values are not subjective but objective because if that were the case these REAL moral values would not hold up any weight.

If Nazi Germany had won World War II the Holocaust would still be wrong. If moral values are subjective it would not be inherently bad about killing all the Jews if Hitler thought it was best for his society. If humans have any intrinsic value it would be because we been created in the image of God.

Its not a matter of opinion or point of view that rape, cruelty, child abuse is inherently wrong if not moral abominations. If a person were to commit such an act, the society and I would assume yourself would think this person has committed an evil act and justice should be served to the victim. If that's the case I think we have a problem with intellectual consistency.

* wrong choice of words, no force intended..your obviously not the State.