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I'm saying that the GOP is well aware the Liberty Movement, those who did NOT join the GOP, HATE Benton.

So rather than make themselves (Pribus, & co) attract the wrath of the Liberty Movement for their own actions.. they will get McConnell to enlist Benton as THE TARGET since Benton worked for Ron Paul.. and Ron Paul is Rand Paul's son.. it will be "Guilt by association"..

They will give MSM a Benton-Rand connection.. so when the Liberty Movment ATTACKS Benton, it will be an attack on Rand.

Did you hear the NPR interveiw today, and se how John Harwood brought up Jack Hunter RACIST Hunter.. and when Rand explained that he thought Hunter made some stipud comments, and he fired Hunter.. Harwood takes another angle.. "well you wrote a book with RACIST Hunter Rand.. what do you have to say for writting a book with RACIST RACIST RACIST which YOU ARE A RACIST BY ASSOCIATION Rand?"

Rand threatened to end the interveiw.. and if you saw emalvini's post yesterday, the GOP's Pribus is saying "Hillary will be making a veiled attempt for a presidential bid", therefore the GOP is going to protest NBC and CNN and boycott working with them... To me, this is a veiled attempt to stop Rand from talking more...

So you understand.. the GOP wants McConnell to put BENTON up to attract the ANGER of the Liberty Movment because BENTON by association is connected to Rand. and they can have the Liberty Movement do the dirty work... the GOP cogs will say... "wow.. Rand Paul supporters don't even like him because of his BENTON".

The rEVOLution has suffered MOST from the Liberty Movement, not MSM censorship, not GOP broken bones.. but from Liberty Movement HATING the GOP and trying to FORCE Ron and now Rand to do it their collective way, rather than do it Ron or Rand's way in the GOP.