Comment: As with the ammo questionnaire, this looks like a fishing

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As with the ammo questionnaire, this looks like a fishing

expidition to find out who can supply how much and on what time table, not necessarily that they really will be placing an order to be shipped within 24 hours. (which is likely already past)

Asking, "can you ship within 24 hours?" doesn't mean "I want it tomorrow" it means, "WHEN I order, can you get it out within 24 hours of me placing the order?"

This looks like an attempt to run 'just-in-time' inventories of supplies and they want to know how tight they can squeeze it. It may also be an attempt to find out where they can get items "on the fly" since it is expensive to store things "just in case" but that might not be necessary if they can get a quick turnaround on their orders.

For example, if a hurricane hits a major metro area, people will have their own food supplies to last a few days to a week. (a few longer, but not most people) FEMA could anticipate needing to distribute MRE's by the truckload but it takes time to acquire those stocks, and then the question of where to store them, and then the cost and rotation issues. There's also the problem that a fixed storage location, no matter where it is, could be taken out by some other natural disaster, if not the very one you are storing for.

It makes more sense to find out who can supply what in short order, and then simply place the orders when they are actually needed and you know exactly what you need, and where it has to go and how soon you need it.

But none of this means I think this shouldn't be looked into just in case. The timing with other events seems a bit suspicious.