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*Sigh* I wish it were so.

Look, I share your view that violent crimes are morally wrong. But ALL moral judgment is subjective. I'm willing to defend myself and others from those who behave coercively, based upon my (subjective) moral judgment. But I don't expect that the people against whom I must defend myself SHARE my moral opinions. Tax collectors believe they are doing something good for "the country" -- I believe they are thieves. Our troops in Afghanistan believe they are "defending our freedom" -- I believe they're mass murderers. The people who do things that you and I both regard as "evil" mostly don't regard themselves as monsters or devil-worshipers, they think they're doing something right -- by a different moral standard than the ones you and I use.

The religion of Statism (yes, it is) is the most widely held moral system in the world, and it is responsible for most of the suffering and injustice we see around us. People believe it is moral to "obey the law," and immoral to "break the law" -- regardless of whether the "law" in question protects life, liberty and property -- or destroys life, liberty and property. The government soldiers and police and tax collectors all believe themselves to be "good" people -- while they murder, enslave and extort the rest of us.

Morality is subjective. Get used to the idea, or you'll never see the world the way it really is, or understand how "good" people do "evil" things. All men mean well -- they just have different ideas about what "well" means, or different priorities.

Understand that your subjective moral choices define your relationships with others. Believing that murder is wrong (even if a politician tells you it's okay) -- believing that theft is wrong (even if the IRS calls it a "tax code") -- makes you an enemy of the state -- and a friend of the liberty movement. Your subjective moral choices tell you what's worth fighting for, and worth dying for, if need be. Your subjective moral choices define who you are. Remember: The word "subjective" is not a synonym for "trivial" or "untrue" -- it describes properties of an individual mind. That's all any person has to work with -- there is no "group consciousness."

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